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Full Version: Review: "A Hedonist in the Cellar: Adventures In Wine" by Jay McInerney
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"Full of terroir and flavor, svelte personalities, and keen insight into the trade, these are irresistible essays for anyone enthralled by the manifold pleasures of wine."

You seem to be pretty heavy in the good food and wine departments. I am not sure to which extent you travel and to where, I saw from your writings that Edmonton seems to be home these days. Was my place to call home for about 4 years. This province, 20 years ago was a phenomenal treasure for us wine lovers as much as for availability and the pricing (cheap).... All was then controlled by the Alberta Liquor Agency, I think they called it back then, before they privatized the retail aspect. How are the wine prices now? Ohhh!!!, sorry for the deviation, my main question for writting here is my access to file short cuts pasted whitin the postings, I do not have access. Is it because I am still in the infancy stages of the thread or some other? This ''A Hedonist in the Cellar'' seems interesting enough, one day I might be able to get this attachment. Thanks for reading me. John.
LTC (John) - Mate I dont think it has anything to do with status or access - I tried myself and got nada, so I guess it is a duff link now - Looks as though Brutus posted it back in 2010.
Hey LTS - try it again. I just opened up just fine both at home and at work. If it still doesnt work let me know and I'll get it to you another way.
Strange.....it worked for me this time too....??
Just worked for me... Go figure!!! Thanks to all. Have a great day or night.
Somebody must be waving magic wands in here!!!
I saw that Harry Potter newbie register for the grill.......oh well guess he has turned out to be a decent griller......
This looks like a great read: I used to run a wine discussion group in a previous life. Might try and find it to take as reading when I head to Toronto next week.
KBB, Talking of T.O., have you been to this wonderful book store called ''The Cookbook Store'' on Young St. I am sure if this is a hard one to find that they probably have it or could get for you. Harry Potter, ehhh, we might get him to help us find some old lost wine cellars, let's talk to him quick, who's in on this deal? There goes, just started drooling again!
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