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Full Version: Dirty Landbargin'
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I've spent the last 37yrs thoroughly enjoying myself on 2-wheels(or one when the mood strikes Big Grin). The first 9yrs were strictly on dirtybikes, almost every day. Then I moved on to a combo of dirtybikes and behaving like a complete imbecile riding the latest greatest liter displacement sportbikes on public roads. How I survived that lunacy I'll never know. It finally dawned on me that perhaps pushing hard with my hair on fire on public roads was unwise, so I took it to the track. For the following 10 years my moto world consisted of 20min all out bursts on a closed course...I didn't even own a street legal moto during that time.

If someone had come up to me three years ago and told me I'd be riding and underpowered, overweight ST moto that resembles a rhinoceros with a swollen bum(I call her my Landbarge)...I'd have thought them mad. But here I am...haven't turned a wheel in anger on a road course in 2yrs and don't miss it one bit. In fact, I've had moments on the ST bike that were every bit as satisfying as winning a race.

I always include the goaty stuff in my routes, probably because it's the exact opposite of what I'd been doing for decades. Frequently, these goat trails peter out into dirt roads. After a couple irritating 180's, I thought to myself....Pffffffft...I can make it through that!

So this pictorial thread is a chronicle of adventures(or misadventures) of the "i can make it through that" type. Please feel free to post up your own dirty adventures. The more the merrier!

Usal Rd in Norcal. Just south of the Lost Coast.
Disclaimer: This one, as with many in Norcal, has it's fair share of "farmers". If you decide to include Usal in a route, stay on the main road, keep moving, and mind your own business. These folks don't want any undue attention, but tempting fate is unwise.

[Image: usalrd3.jpg]

[Image: usalrd4.jpg]

[Image: usalrd1.jpg]
Nice pics Sunset!...that bridge looked pretty gnarly!
Cool pix, man! Looking forward to seeing more! Smile
Beautiful! [Image: diapocd7fb45df4b341552c1e618201e71c.gif]
Thats the way life SHOULD be eh?!?! Keep those pics a comin'. Us 2 wheelers can ALWAYS relate!
Beautiful views!!! As Boomer says those of us who love to see the world on 2 wheels enjoy them and can relate on the views.
Thanks folks...clearly, I'm in good company here.

N'awlins...the bridge was a cake walk compared to the gnarly rutting further up the road. I'd have snapped a pic or two, but my hands were full at the time.Wink
Cypress mountain rd. Connects chimney Rock rd(home of Justin winery...YUM!) and Santa Rosa Creek rd.
West of Paso Robles CA and east of Cambria CA

Gorgeous view of the Pacific
[Image: dirty14.jpg]

Anybody else compulsively begin singing a certain tune every time they ride across one of these? No? Yeah, I have issues...lol
[Image: dirty13.jpg]
Beautiful pics!
Very cool sunset!!
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