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Full Version: Facebook sources for recipes
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One of the nice things about Facebook is all of the resources that can be found on any interest or topic.

I have "Liked" a few pages and now have quite a few that give me recipes right into my newsfeed.

One of my favorites is "Go Bold With Butter". They have given me recipes for any type of meal you could care for, plus the obivious, deserts!

Here is a recipe I tried tonight, (which was fab!) and I got this from them, Zucchini Spaghetti Carbonara. Its wonderful!


Are there any other Facebook pages that you all love for recipes?
Butter!? Now yer speakin' my language! Big Grin
The local Canadian Broadcasting Corporation weekday morning show has a food and nutrition columnist who I'm friends with on FB (and acquaintanced with IRL): she frequently shares recipes from Family Kitchen that are delish!
Another "Like" I found on Facebook is Babble Food...

Its been lots of fun seeing all of the ideas and recipes for spooky food for Halloween!
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