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Full Version: Bacon Explosion
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Prepare to have your head explode with bacony goodness...

After you see it you'll understand why I didn't just post the recipe, you need the pictures to really understand the extent of this marvel!

I have GOT to try this!!!...must make sure to have an EKG hooked up afterward! Thanks HWG! *wipes drool from chin*
WOW! That just made my LDL-C go from 103 to 160...i'll eat some broccoli and everything will be okay....
Can you say... Charge the paddles and stand clear.. If this is being served here at the grill someone should warn RN.
OMG!!! I'm having a heart attack just looking at it.
Does it come with an angioplasty on the side?
It's not served at the grill...yet!
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