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Full Version: I guess this goes in this forum ... Seed Exchange
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I know there is a separate gardening thread, but I thought I would mention here that I am an avid heirloom tomato grower and seed saver (fermentation only). I am not only wondering if there are other seed savers out there, but if there may also be a few of you willing to trade seeds. I am always on the lookout for new things to grow.

This winter Mrs. C and I are venturing into the world of winter sowing. I have committed to swapping out the boots and coats etc. from our unused mud room for grow lights and about a dozen dwarf tomatoes. (K our daughter loves them) and now that she is getting old enough to "help", we thought it would be a fun family endeavor.

Anyway, PM or post if you want to trade/ talk seeds etc.
I don't really save the seeds. But I suppose I could. We're growing some Siberian cherry tomatoes but I'm not sure if they are hierloom or not. This is Ren Man's forte. I'll fill him in.....
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