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I hate this whole introdution thing Tongue. Im Krist S. from Frontenac, KS. Im 19 and have been a RUSH fan since i was born. Last Saturday Sep 22 2012, went with my Dad, my friend Paul, and my friend and fellow BnG member Lanix, was my first RUSH concert and it was absolutely incredible!!!! I cant wait to go again!!!!! Big Grin

Well........theres your intro Tongue
Hi Krist!
Welcome to the zoo.
See RN for your shots.
We don't bite.

Krist - you're west of me (Wichita). Welcome, and glad you can appreciate "The Fellas."
Welcome to the BnG we are all pretty harmless, but do see RN for your shots just in case.
Hi Krist! Great to have you here at the B&G. Make yerself ta home Big Grin
Welcome, Krist.

Like Nettie said, we mostly don't bite. But a few people have been skipping their medications lately, so be careful. Big Grin
Hi Krist, thanks for joining and introducing yourself! We're glad you're here!
Oh no, a Lanix conversion! (hee-hee!) Hey Krist!...better check with Nettie about getting over to the bar! I hear she's pretty strict on that ID thing, but I'll have one with ya' anyways! Cheers & welcome!
Just have to move the bar across the border for a spell.
Perfectly legal up here Big Grin
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