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Full Version: Neil's Route from Cleveland to Charlotte
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Hello All,

I am going to the Charlotte show and see the schedule is for Cleveland two days before.

Not sure what Neil's ride schedule is but I am in a Honda S2000 club and just got back from here http://backofthedragon.com/ not sure if that is his thing but definitely a fun road. Can't really worry about anything else but driving which I like.

Colors should be excellent as well right now in the mountains!
Bubba has written that he's quite fond of that particular road. I'm sure he'll ride it if he can.
Thanks, go to know we aren't the only ones enjoying.

For anyone else also check out the General Francis Marion hotel in Marion, Va. Nice quite 35 or so room hotel with a great chef, who would have thought in Marion, VA???

Looky here......someone some of you know enjoying some of the finer North Carolina mountain roads Big Grin

[Image: thumb_1367365796DAVE5279.JPG]
[Image: thumb_1367367725DAVE5284.JPG]

They will be in Raleigh in a couple of days!!
Whats the date on those pics? Thats pretty cool!! Maybe we could set up a Bubba sighting page?
Considering they just went to Nashvegas, which this road is nearish, I'd say recently. There's always photogs out on the Dragon...Killboy, 129Slayer, US129, Moonshine, etc... Smile
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