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Full Version: Dehydrating resourses
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I know there was a thread somewhere about dehydrating, but I can't find it...Dodgy

Anyway, I came across a blog about dehydrating, and this gal knows soooo much its amazing!
Did you know you could dehydrate cottage cheese? Idea
Me neither!

Dehydrating Way Beyond Jerky

Anyone have any favorite sites/blogs/books on dehydrating that you like?
Thanks for this, HG! Hubby and I have been discussing dehydrating and her blog is a wealth of info!
My husband stumbled upon a dehydration method the microwave, I know this usually useless kitchen behemoth actually does a great job evaporating water from herbs of the medicinal and seasoning variety. We no longer waste the fresh herbs we buy or grow and they air dry in two days after you zap them! The real bonus is I don't have to do anything just keep him company.
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