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Full Version: The Passing of Monica-Wife of OneBad70SS
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Steve - I cannot imagine. My heart goes out to you brother.


Hugs and Prayers going out for you Steven. She was a very sweet lady and I'm glad to have known you both, even if it's only online.

Bageleth & Hanimal
In honour of our friend(s) Monica & Steve...here's one written in 1936 by Charlie Chaplin, with the title and lyrics added in 1954. This is the first thing I thought of this morning upon learning of our loss, and I've had it in my head all day, along with a serious lump in my throat. I can't wait to get home from work, give Billie a BIG hug, pour a HUGE glass of Burgundy, light one up, and just cry. So Steve, and ALL BnG friends, until then...smile!HeartAngelHeart

There is no pain like this one. My deepest and sincere condolence to you and your family OB. We love and are thinking of you.

What a beautiful picture, Steve. I regret not having met Monica, but I value the interactions we had. The joy she brought to everyone is clear. Her legacy will live on through the memories we have of her. We do love you, brother.
Hi Grillers. Just about to get my son to drive me to YCC for the flight to Kelowna where Steve is picking me up. Just got all choked up reading all your kind messages. I miss her too and I only knew her a short while. But sometimes you just KNOW when you've met a special person and she was one. Everyone take care of each other, ok? Love,

Hi everyone. Just sitting here in Steve's living room, just the 2 of us, talking about Monica. Driving back from the airport we were considering all the adventures her and Steve had enjoyed beginning with The Brewhaha in May. There they hooked up with Boomer and Lulu Belle, Burma Girl and Squid, Nettiesaur, Hardwaregirl, RN-PRN and Mr. RN, 2Beers, Fireman and Rey and some thong-wearing trouble maker who shall remain nameless.

Steve just informed me that the Brutus Twitter account is at 2109!!!

Then Steve and Monica took their camper on a week long trip through BC and Alberta in Septeber and shortly after that I met up with them in Winnipeg. Boomer joined us for that adventure and we carrjed on to a second show in Saskatoon. The aforementioned trouble maker rode up on the back of Boom's Harley with his new girlfriend. Boom had an interesting chat with a border guard but I'll let him tell that story! That was a wonderful few days and Monica and Steve had a blast and reunited for a big family dinner with their Saskatchewan clan on a beautiful sunny prairie day. So Monica was not the kind of person to let her tribulations keep her down. An admirable companion and friend right up to the end. Steve told me their final words today and it blew my mind. What a way to say goodbye. Gotta go. Getting all emotional.

Smile Hugs to you & Steve. We'll be with you in our thoughts and in spirit (and some of us will be online with you) tomorrow.
I peeled potatoes for dinner tonight. There is a saying that Zen is not about peeling potatoes while thinking about God, it's just to peel the potatoes. But tonight I couldn't "just peel the potatoes". I got to thinking about Steve and Monica and the fact they came to our home for the Brewhaha instead of some other more well known place. I thought about how much fun we had. And how loving a couple Steve and Monica are. How they are one of those couples that just were meant to be together.
I thought about what Steve must be going through right now. On an afternoon 5 years ago I remember the sheer terror I felt after Cass and I crashed the bike. The first thing that ran through my mind was Oh my God I killed her!! But fortunately my scare quickly passed. But for Steve the pain will linger.
I looked up from my potatoes and saw the Brewhaha Credentials hanging on a hook with the little Canadian flag pins. and my heart goes out to Steve and Monica's family. Cass and tried everything to be there, but there were just too many things preventing us from going.
You will always be in our hearts, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need something. We will meet again soon!!

Barry & Cass
Wow. Does it seem like only a few short months ago we were all hugging and carrying on at the Brewhaha? Or just a few days ago I was in Saskatoon, in the company of friends?

I remember them both as if it was just yesterday, and yet, as alive as we all were, we all carried that worry, that concern. Cancer is not fun. In my family, cancer is a B*TCH, and yet as we all mourn the loss of our own dear and beloved Monica, and feel so supportive of Stephen, I want to tell you about the person I saw in Saskatoon. No words can ever express the thanks to Brutus for making this evening all possible. The backstage trip, the sound check, dining with the crew, and even a gift for Monica herself from the one we all know as Bubba. Not just the physical gift presented during intermission, but the bow he gave as as we watched the soundcheck. To see the pride and joy well up in Monica's face is a gift I will treasure forever. Afterwards we went up to the stage and took some pictures, with THAT BEAUTIFUL instrument in the background. We smiled and hugged and adored that instrument. A drum set is, for all intensive purposes, an inanimate object. A thing, but when breathed life into by its master can become a most wondrous and living creature capable of love, admiration, and affection. It has a heartbeat, it has a life. That night, Monica was ALIVE! She was beaming, smiling, hugging. This was HER night and she took every possible moment to savor it with her very being.

Tonight, even though Monica is no longer with us in body, I feel her spirit inside me, reminding me of those moments in Saskatoon, reminding me of lifes simple pleasures, and making me feel the love she has for us all. I remember the next morning I felt rather empty as I straddled my Harley and pointed south towards home. I remember the thoughts vibes and prayers I said as I rode into the horizon. I held out hope that somehow a small miracle would save our sweet and dear friend. In the last two years I had talked, chatted, shared, and hugged her and Stephen as if they were my own flesh and blood. Tonight as we remember her smile, her laugh, her Stephen, and even her beagles, I would hope that each of us takes pause to reflect on those memories and give thanks for her LIFE, for sharing a little of herself with each of us, and for being the true friend that we knew her to be.

To OB I can only hope you find the strength and courage to heal of your loss, and to find hope in those who love you so very much my brother.

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Saskatoon Post Soundcheck.
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