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Full Version: Twas the night before Scotchmas...
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Ganked from HuffPo... cute! A single malt gift giving column.

I dont give my dog sniffing boss scotch. All I give him is a hard time for being an old Air Force dawg.
Hey, now...what's wrong with that, NAVY BOY? At least he didn't have his name on his butt. Tongue

Love ya Boomie! Heart
So it is just about time to fire this thread back up for its main purpose (in my opinion): citing some perfect examples of Scotch to celebrate the Season!

I find that the more rare and rich bottles match the "splurge" nature of the holidays and as well, they often are more heartier and more intense which works well for those cold nights after larger and richer meals. So something like the Glenmorangie special bottles or a Highland 12 (15 if you can afford it), the Compass Box "Spice tree", or dare I say, ANYTHING with the words "The Macallan" on the label.

What say you?

(My old pal always bought certain things for Christmas such as Drambuie liqueur, sherries, and Champagne. I too think these three are perfect for the holidays. If you like Drambuie by the way, have you ever added some to sparkling cider? Or, if you are on the front side of the day--morning--and need to have something special, try a splash of Drambuie in hot Earl Grey tea. Sublime!)
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