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Full Version: PNW Shows, Vancouver B.C. & Portland in Late July
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It's time to start plotting and planning your road trips!
Oh, yeah! We'll be in Salt Lake City! WOO HOO! Cool (and yes, I realize SLC is not the PNW)
I gotcher Portland! Smile Woot Woot!
(02-19-2013 03:22 PM)Gungawoman Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, yeah! We'll be in Salt Lake City! WOO HOO! Cool (and yes, I realize SLC is not the PNW)

Haha! I was getting worried for a moment Smile
Yay!!! We'll be at Vancouver BC and Vancouver WA (yeah, they call it Portland but it's on the North side of the river). The Vapor Trailer will be with us at the WA date.
SM, did you ever find a suitable campsite? Smile
I've got my tix for the "Portland" show in July! Bringing the kids. I've taken my son & daughter alternately to shows ever since the R30 tour. This will be the first time the three of us are going together.

Yay!! We'll be there, too!
In case some of you haven't seen this already, there's an FAQ on the venue's website that those attending the Portland/Ridgefield show might need to read.


Scroll down to the entry for A Certain Trio.

It could just be my perception, but it seems a couple of things have changed since the previous tour. Notably, signs are restricted to 11"x17" (I don't know if this was the case for Time Machine--I didn't bring one due to threat of rain), and cameras aren't allowed this time.
Alright, our tickets have been purchased (since February but hubby wasn't aware of it). We're looking forward to a fun trip and a great show!
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