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Full Version: July 4th Milwaukee
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Celebrate Independence Day with the anarchist, at Summerfest.
Or something like that. Big GrinBig Grin
Who else is going?
Myself and Fireman shall be partaking in the revelry and mischief making.
Add 2 coworkers and their family members. One is coming with her Dad, he
We should be one merry crew!
I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What seemed so far away is coming up in just a few weeks!
Boomer and I will be there !!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone, again. Should be a great day!!!
Big Grin less than a week!
I am looking forward to a fun time with some fun people!
Big Grin
We are too!
Hope to wander around Summerfest for a bit before the show. Maybe see an actual polka band, or something different as far as music is concerned. And find a treat on a stick.
They got square dancing at dem Polka shows?
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