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Full Version: Nashville in May
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Goin' to the May 1st Vacation Bible School Summit in Nashville; Who else is goin'??????
(LOL!) I think Burma's going...
YUUUUUP! Nashvegas, baby! Gonna be a Revival of epic proportions! Lookin' forward to meeting any other BnG Peeps! Sound off if yer gonna be der...
Bring your own tent!
Never been to Nashville...Always wanted to check it out. A friend of mine went there and became a studio bassist. My wife Marisa likes the Nashville sound. Too identifiable and predictable for me, though I hear that it's the happenin' place musically.

I liked the New Orleans thing better. The older I get the more I appreciate the Canadian sound. On of my favs is Nathereth's "Love Hurts." I'd love to cover that tune.
That's our Burma!!!
YARP dat's me w/my yob wiiiiide open....par for the course, eh?
Had a BLAST in Nashvegas...and met some Peeps, too!
Burma 'n' Lanix
Sharin' the Bubba looooove!
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