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Today begins the second weekend of the 41st Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The food menu is as extensive as the musical lineup. It's so extensive, I'll just post the links to it here.

The main site is http://www.nojazzfest.com

Be sure to click on the FOOD tab, then scroll down to "Click here to see the 2010 Jazz Fest Food List". Too many excellent dishes to list here, but a few of my favourite fest fares include Crawfish Bread, Crabmeat Po'Boy, Alligator Sauce Piquante, Spicy Natchitoches Meat Pie, and the Pheasant Quail & Andouille Gumbo. And those are just some of the savory items. For the sweet tooth, there are Sweet Potato Pie, Creole Cream Cheese Cake w/ Strawberries, Beignets, and Pralines, among others.

A good pairing with all of this food is the music. Too many to mention, but a couple of noteworthy acts to mention... Simon and Garfunkle, who played last week the same day that my favourite band premiered a film at Tribeca Film Fest.

And today, comedian and banjo player Steve Martin will perform. I mention this because Bubba and Brutus are of the canine persuasion, and Steve Martin had a contest to make a video about his dog to his song Wally on the Run. Check out my video entries to his contest on youtube. I'm convinced that I influenced him to come play the Fest this year.

This post is becoming as lengthy as the food and music lineup at Jazzfest, so I will cut it short, to allow further discussion by leaving room for you and I to grow.

Happy Fest!
Just checked out the site. Wow! Quite a diverse lineup. I see my boys The Neville's are playing. I've seen them live 4 times and love the range and diversity of what they do. Goes well with a good gumbo and some of that Alligator Sauce Piquante you mentioned.
(04-29-2010 08:45 AM)Brutus Wrote: [ -> ]Just checked out the site. Wow! Quite a diverse lineup. I see my boys The Neville's are playing. I've seen them live 4 times and love the range and diversity of what they do. Goes well with a good gumbo and some of that Alligator Sauce Piquante you mentioned.

Indeed, Brutus! That second-line beat serenades my springy soles. The only drawback to Jazzfest is the multiple stages, having to choose between Widespread Panic, Elvis Costello, Average White Band, and Blues Traveler todal, all at the same time. Decisions, decisions. I'll try to take some pics of the food today for the Bar and Grill, especially of the alligator sauce piquante, reminiscent of that gator pic emerging from the swamp in South By Southwest. By eating him, I'll get my revenge for you, but it's a dish best served hot! Well, I'm off to see the Steep Canyon Rangers, and Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk! While I'm gone, hold down the cow-fort!
Sounds like great fun. Enjoy and report back for sure.
great fun for one and all....where's crystobal domingues? this is what happens when you allow peopl in the time machine. ffs, from first to last... and nothing in between, beneath, nor behind. it's like subjecting us to cruelty. like the star trek episode when tasha yar was absorbed by the big ball of tar. the black hole of hurry katrina in reverse.
(perhaps this should go under the cutest of book nooks), but absolam by faulkner. what art thouest peeps anyway... or Rand's Anthem to rave about. without speaking of the band, whatsoever, my hands are tied... or a bowl of rice. Try Emerson's Self-Reliance, nookie wookies.... but i digress... the gator was so great that....
when it comes to alligator..there is no safe seat at the feast, mr phelps.
my girlfriend boycotted transposing the pic, so i have to deal with her...also, i got steve matrin's autograph today... i'm not one to hang out for scribble scratch, little man, and i'd much rather rand and rave with that guitarist... let me get back to my girlfriend..she gave me Samuel Adams Utopias... i thought it was a beer, but ended up being a port in the storm. Speaking of Founding Fathers Friday... but i digress
kick the wheels, eh? check under the hood? you know how that hossenphepheffer feels... someone asked me if the big rabbits from a hat would magically appear on this time machine tour...i said, forget the tarot, eat the carrot... but since we are in the When Pigs Fly Mode, couldn't you at least suspend a pig in disbelief between the smoke stacks....actually again, i thought of that cartoon character...hmmm... his head was shaped like a guitar and the band put it on the back of the screen, and it had cow features. Don't mind me, what's the trunk size... to be continued
Now that I've thoroughly trashed the place, like keith moon's drumset, and a potty-mouth like a rock-star, waking and baking up to a brand new day finds me with oil lapping at my feet, the north american seafood industry is screwed. Conspiracy threorist at it's finest, how convenient that Obama just a few days before the oil spill approved offshore drilling, then in bed with BP oil's hugo chavez, reverses his wishywashy stance. How convenient! AWB's pick up the pieces ringing in my ears still, the blob of unfiltered oil is reaching for my not-so-alien shore. IT'S KATRINA IN REVERSE, the black hole of Kraaken released eXXone. hazlethorpe! roswell! o ffs. Do you like your oysters oily?
like the elephant in the room, white or not between the pages of guessing dreamline...
when the open secrets grow to mighty to slay by pencil or swordfish
(04-29-2010 09:31 AM)Brutus Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like great fun. Enjoy and report back for sure.

please enter the remote image of which you wish to insert???

on what plane, amigo?

the image has to be personal. like 'please open my browse image ddropper for my tear is
bar and grills have spills.

when cooking, i clean as i go.

usually using the same pot or pan or utilizization thingie that i cooked with.

so as not to make a mess
the script prompt askes me to insert an image from some url that is nver gonna be there. give me an option,l unless you're forcing me to open an account in some placed bs site?

i just ewant to drop a picture in here.... why must you make it so difficult?


Dear Mr. Milton Banana,

In all intentions of love, just allow the worths of a thousand words to simpy be placed here.

Disfunctional sites piss professionals off.

Brutus Wrote:
reading between your lines in posts that night I could understand where the grief was coming from and that's why Spike and I left them in. Neither of us wants to play the roll of censor. The last three days the spill is on the front page of papers here in Cowfart and I'm looking at a pic of an oil-soaked northern gannet as I type. So my heart goes out to you and everyone who is going to be immediately affected as the results wash ashore. Hang in there amigo and my thoughts are with you.

B & S

Thank you very kindly for your words. Actually, I'm embarrased by my lunatic posts, and would prefer if you took them down, but i'm sure you have more important things to do than censorship. It's up to you, though. I'll just have to redeem myself in future posts. Goodness, you saw me actually losing it! Well, it just goes to show how great a motivator fear can be. The fight or flight instict kicks in. Or perhaps it was just one of the many stages of dealing with grief or loss: anger. But obvioulsy it was misdirected, and I played the fool. Ugh, I could crawl under a rock. Speaking of flight, that northern gannet is a beautiful white bird. It's so sad to see it discolored like that. With around 400 different species at stake, it's disheartening to sit there and watch the doom approach and not be able to do anything about it. I forgot to mention the pelicans and the turtles... and I will have to tell you about the alligator in the forum. Again, thank you for your understanding and concern.

Dear "Spike" and Brutus,

I must sincerely apologize for my craziness, and I was hoping you could delete those posts from Thursday evening. There's no excuse for me, I just wanted to explain myself. Too much beer in the sun at an all day festival put me in an odd mood, especially when I returned home and saw the news that this oil spill is a thousand times worse than previously thought. I was one man on the edge of a "quiet breakdown", but unfortunately the word "quiet" was forgotten. I'll keep my mouth shut. Or like that oil spill, I should put a cork in it. It's truly about the spill. Having survived Hurricane Katrina, it took all of my strength just to keep holding on. It's been a long uphill battle of rebuilding, having lost everything in that Hurricane, and had emotionally took it's toll on me, mentally and physically. I thought I was done, and I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing to have to deal with. When I heard that the oil spill will be yet another disaster, it kind of drove me byond the margin of error. Just coming to realize that this oil spill will change my whole way of life. I was worried about the environmental catastrophe, and the death of all those busy little creatures chasing out their destinies. I love fishing in the marshlands and beaches down here. To lose that is atrocious. And a life without shrimp, crabs, oysters, and fish is just unimaginable to me. Katrina was the biggest natural disaster in American history, and now it looks like this oil spill will be the biggest environmental, man made disaster in history. Why can't we just have a simple run of the mill disaster here? Why does it always have to be the biggest and baddest in history? How much is too much? How much is "more than a man can endure"? Give me a drab day anyday. But as they say, God only gives people as much as they can handle. Damn kindness that can kill! And what doesn't kill is makes us 'stranger'. OK, having survived the initial shock, I'll be back to the normal, nice guy that you thought that I was initially, for you were right. Enough of my pity pot. I know everyone goes through difficult things in life, and everyone has a story of despair, heartache, and struggle. So I'll regroup, and keep myself in check from now on. For I truly do appreciate you allowing me to be here and interact with you. I'm humbled and honored to be included here. So, I'm sorry, and look forward to seeing you in Albuquerque and West Palm Beach, from first to last!


Echoes of the loon:


warbling echoes of o solitary me, never more shall i escape
e, welcome back. I wish I could be there with cases and cases of Dawn dishsoap, scrubbing gannets and pelicans...I survived Hurricane Andrew in '92 and lost everything, I know how it feels. My heart goes out to ya'll...

I am out of words, and can only wish you courage, along with some sincere good vibes.
eP9, it's good to see you back. I'm sorry about the situation you're having to deal with in your area. It's just sad all around
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