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Full Version: Jones Beach June 23
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The Bubba's Bar and Grill "Eastern Division" is meeting in the parking lot several hours prior to showtime. We're planning to grill so bring something to throw on if you're stopping by.

There may even be a drum kit being hit with sticks. Jury still out.

Look for me with my official concert tee shirt. Just kidding-everyone would have one. Okay-I'll wear my BBnG shirt.
So, I happened to look at the calendar for 6/23 and realize it's the first full moon of summer 13. This concert is significant as it marks the end of my current career path and several other chapters closing and a new season in life.

I hear it's going to be a "Super Moon" about 14% larger than usual and one of the largest moons of the past several years.

I know I won't get to share words with any of the members of "Aerosmith" this time around but I do know this:

Our ears will share the same sounds, our eyes will witness the same moon, our noses will smell the same salt Long Island night air...

...and that's enough for me.

Say "hi" if you see me in the lot. I'll have my Bubba's tee shirt on-short statured Italian guy with Gio in black rim glasses hangin with Uncle Joe, his good friend Chris, Mike and his son, Mike Sorrentino and Jobee if they swing by. It's going to be a great day and night and I'm expecting the best!
We're here 100 yds. Between F and K-drop by!
So far I'm the only person with a bb&g tee shirt here. The rest are FANatics
Just saw Jobee, Mike and Dom - apparently hangin with Bubba who's in a good mood. Go Bubba!
I know some peeps from another group who are there. Enjoy.
Great audience- we are orch a 7th row
Chad Smith is right behind us
Fantastic show. Gio loved it was very inspired and practiced drums all day.
Can anyone guess who we saw on the side of the stage? It was a real treat to see him on the tour.
(06-27-2013 07:09 PM)VincentUlyssis Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone guess who we saw on the side of the stage? It was a real treat to see him on the tour.
My guess would be a certain forum admin Big Grin.
I hope you were able to say hi.
Hey VU. Sounded like a great show.
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