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New story up on Bubba's home page. Check it out. If you click on the pics they get big! Holy moly why didn't I know that already? I mean I even took one or two... DOH!

Just finished reading it. A good one, with nice pictures. The ending was particularly touching.
A good read, as usual.
Nice to see you back Brutus!
As Nettie said, Nice to see you back here Boss! The gladly waited for article from Bubba is never a disappointment either.
Nice pics guys!!!

Nice to see you in the neighborhood again!
Another great entry in N.W. & S. Some excellent photos as well. Smile
The posts are always great to read! Brutus, those pics are awesome! Great scenery!
Hey, Big B! Glad to see you back slumming with us again! Definitely glad you're feeling well and strong.
I loved the part about Olivia singing at the top of her lungs, "I've Been Working on the Railroad". My mom taught me that one when I was a kid.

PS what have you done to/with the kids? There was a rumor they got thrown into a canal in Yerp Rolleyes

Bubba has a new update, and writes about one snowmobile trail they had adventures on in the U.P. of Michigan.
Having been directed(by accident, before the widespread use of GPS) to use one in a car many years ago(and also in the U.P.), I can imagine how frustrating it was to be on such a dangerous "road". I was glad to see the highway too!
Big Grin The joy and fun of logging roads.
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