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Hi, I have been a member of this here board since it started, but I have hardly participated at all. I only just thought to log in again today after over a year away, after reading Bubba's latest Update.

I love to cook, and I love to eat. I love wine, beer, whiskey of many kinds, the outdoors and the indoors with books (paper and cover thank you). I have cats and two jobs, and now and again I make a bit of music myself that a couple of folks might enjoy. I hope.

I love riding on my bike (not motor alas) around San Francisco and the Bay Area. There is so much to see and hear in this city. It never gets old.

Sharing all of this with friends and family is the ultimate expression of love, and maybe someday, I will be able to share it with a family of my own. Play On!
Welcome back Guitarmutt!
Hey Guitarmutt, yeah, welcome back. I'm a bike rider too, without motor, and have found that being motor-less is friendly to the old waistline (hey without gasoline all that energy has to come from somewhere), and allows in more partaking in the beer, wine, and good eats you mentioned! I ride mostly on paved bicycle trails in my area, which resemble those single track roads very much, only with no motorized vehicles, so no annoying cars and trucks. I also tend to avoid riding on the busy car clogged roads, so I'm a bit of a "Shunpiker" too in my own way. Smile
Hi guitarmutt! Good to have you back!

Maybe we can exchange guitar notes. Smile
Welcome back to the zoo!!
Welcome back Guitarmutt!!
Hey, Guitarmutt! Welcome back! You may need to go see RN for booster shots, though..... Big Grin
Welcome back Guitarmutt.
Welcome back Guitarmutt! We're glad you're here!
Hi, Guitarmutt! I've only been here a short while myself, but there's definitely a lot to see here.
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