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Well, basically I was digging around to see what I have in the kitchen as we all do at one time or another. It may sound a little strange, but these are all flavors I love. So here ya go. It might be something sort of along the lines of what you might find in a Tapas place.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

12 oz. Large Pasta Shells cooked 8 min.
1 Med. Onion chopped, sauteéd in oil
Chili Flakes and salt to your palate
6 cloves garlic, added to oil at a couple minutes before end of sauteéing
1/2 C. Amontillado wine added to onions/garlic
2oz. wild dried Mushrooms (reconstituted) along with reconstituting water.
Add to onions/garlic mix when soft.
1 can Canellini Beans and liquid
Add 1 can (7 ish oz) Clams right before putting in oven.
Add 1 C. petite green peas right before putting in oven.

Shred cheeses you love: I used Manchego, Parmesan and Gouda.

Make layers of sauce, pasta, cheese, pasta, sauce, cheese.

Bake in 400 degree oven for 30 minutes or so.


I hope someone here enjoys these strong flavor combinations.
I'm kind of doing this right now. We're moving in two weeks and I'm trying to go through the pantry and freezer. Today I finished off a box of Bisquick, a box of couscous, a package of porkchops, and some frozen green beans. Made for a "not bad" dinner, especially the toasted, herbed couscous.

Tomorrow it could be hot dogs with marmalade or something a bit less appetizing...

I hope the couscous holds ip well for leftovers, it was pretty rocking.
Ahhhh.... nothing like cupboard / fridge casserole suprise.
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