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I just LOVE 'em. Don't know why, but I just do. So, I'll post 'em up as I run across 'em on the various moto adventures I've had, and will have in the future. This one is in NorCal at the junction of Skaggs rd(which eventually leads to Fort Ross and the sea), and Annapolis Rd(which leads to the itty-bitty town of Annapolis and eventually Sea Ranch and the sea as well.)
[Image: dirty69_zpsce076109.jpg]

I also love funky old, decrepit shacks in the middle of nowhere(can't help but wonder: Who once lived there? How many holidays and festive occasions were shared there? What were their lives like? Was this home once loved like my home is loved?). I like old windmills, grain silos, and ancient trees standing alone against the elements too.

Please feel free to post up these lone edifices that move you in some way. The more the merrier!Smile
Very cool Sunset, VERY cool indeed!!
(09-18-2013 03:59 PM)smoker guy Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool Sunset, VERY cool indeed!!

You seem to get around pretty well on that there motorsickle thingy too. If possible, snap a pic or two of these types of things and post up.Smile
Excellent thoughts. I pass by the occassional fallen down barn or shackety house and wonder the same things.

I usually take my camera out, but around here lately riding time is at a total premium at the moment. Im starting to foray into B+W photogs. If I grab and decent ones I'll definitely post.
While I don't have any recent pics, my in-laws' property abuts a one lane bridge, which used to have a wooden floor (when I first dated my husband-to-be,) that has since been replaced with steel grating. Their homestead was originally a "summer respite" for a coal executive, back in the days of Prohibition. The basement served as a speakeasy, accessed by a trap door in the kitchen, which still exists.
There is a definite stillness about these bridges...maybe an inherent wisdom in them that puts us in touch with a simple purpose.
I have been looking for some photos of abandoned buildings, and here's on on the shore of Lake Superior in Colville, MN. A little home that ceased to be, now just a dwelling for various critters.
Very nice pictures guys. What a great idea for a thread. How about a picture of a one lane bridge AND abandoned? Well actually an old rail bridge (but is one lane, so to speak). This is near the bike path I like to ride on. The bike path follows an old rail bed and this bridge was originally part of a spur so the trains could get to a factory across the river. Obviously it has seen better days. Years ago I used to come down here and hike across this bridge, it goes into the woods and stays a bridge while it curves, it is really long. No hiking across anymore as time has taken its toll.

[Image: BikeTrailSouth091.jpg]
Boom...Make it happen Cap'n.Wink

BoimaGoil..."recent" isn't requisite. Post 'em if ya got 'em.Exclamation

Lanix...Now THAT'S what imma talkin' 'bout!

SG...Soooo cool! Did they drift off to asleep with the lap of waves on the shore? Did they dig clams and bake 'em in a huge copper pot? Did they all gather on the porch to gaze at the Milky Way and the Perseids??? We'll never know. So very cool...

Rey...Sweet pic! You get the daily double. Bonus points for the history update too.Cool
This one is always a real treat for me. Because it means I'm in Honeydew and I'm riding though the Lost Coast area. Epic road to the east winds it's way to the The Avenue of the Giants, northwest is Petrolia, CA and eventually the Lost Coast, southwest is Ettersburg and eventually(after a wee bit of Landbargin'), Shelter Cove.

[Image: dirty74_zps37c28968.jpg]
I don't have any pictures of them, but if even you end up cruising around here in New England, check out some of the covered bridges.
Mucho scenic and cool to 2-wheel across (I do the unpowered thing - bicycling, but the point and theory still remain.)
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