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Hey now! Just wanted to check in and say hi as I've just joined. I look forward to chatting with you all. Randy
Welcome Randy. Take a stroll reading thru the threads. The Bar thread is a nice finish to your visit.
Welcome! I hope you find the place useful,or fun, or both!
Hey, Randy! Welcome to the East Wing! Be sure to see Rn for your shots!
Hello Randy and welcome to the zoo!!
Thanks everyone! Been so busy I will probably just pop in and out from time to time. Do most people find this place via RUSH/Neil/Neil's writings?
It depends, Randy. There are so many references that link to this site.
* Food
* Music
* Bikes
* Travel
* Wine
* Beer
* Rum
* Scotch
(did I mention rum...?)
Welcome to our frightmare Randy! Make sure you get your shot records checked with RN. We dont bite - although have been known on occassion to to be rather infectious.Tongue

(Did I smell a D'Angelos samich when you walked in?)
Hello Randy.
Hello Randy from a fellow New Englander!
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