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Full Version: Steampunk still
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On a recent wine romp through Paso Robles CA Mrs Sunset and I happened upon a very unique situation. Alex Villacana, a 20yr veteran of the Paso wine scene was looking for a way to utilize the fresh grape juice(or saignee) that collects at the bottom of the totes filled with freshly picked wine grapes, and has always been simply washed down the drains...wasted.

He hit upon what I think will be the wave of the future. He decided to distill this wonderful product into a variety of vodka based spirits(a pure vodka, a botanical vodka [or gin as we know it], and a cucumber infused vodka). It turns out that potato and grains aren't really the best sugar source for vodka distillation, merely the cheapest. I'm not a vodka guy by any stretch, but I must say this stuff is excellent! He markets it under the Re:Find label, and this is the groovy cool still he uses.

[Image: food147_zps837d51e3.jpg]

Mark my words...5yrs from now everyone will be doing this and there will be a veritable explosion of high quality spirits coming from the various Cali wine regions.
nice find, Cheers to the future!
Now THAT is interesting! I might have to try some one of these days if I can find it.Smile
Did somebody say WOTKA?!
That looks like a bassoon on steroids! Big Grin
I don't see anything steampunk.... I just see a still like most other ones I've seen.
That said, I do like the idea behind the spirit, using leftover grape / wine must to distill from.
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