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Full Version: CHRISTMAS DINNER!!! What are you making?
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Its soooo close now...
Practically here!!!
Christmas, hurray!!!
(Or Hanukah or Solstice if that's your thing!)
What are you making? What are your traditional faves?
Are you trying any new recipes this year?
My family is gathering at my brother's house, so it's bring a dish to share. I am making candied yams. It's my favorite thing to make for the holidays, and no one else in the family knows how to do it.
1) Filet mignon with Foie Gras rolls and cut into 1 inch pièces, pan fried and served with a Port sauce.
2) Lamb ribs with a spicy crust served with its sauce.
3) Wild mushroom tarts
4) Free range chicken (15 lbs) with a special stuffing (cheese, foie gras, moose sausage and other fine ingrédients)
5) A selection of desserts that make me drool just thinking of them ...and wines to accompany all...
What time should I be there, LTC? Big Grin

At this point, I may be cooking a grilled cheese sandwich and a salad. Hubby may still be in the hospital and the kids are all in other states....we'll see. Smile
As early as possible... lot's of wine and cheers and laughs and fun and blah-blahs before dinner... Come on OVER!!! The more, the merrier and there will be some foie gras au torchon on top of that... just pulled 4 of these monsters (foie gras) out of the freezer. And just ordered 6 pièces today for New Years... «« I ain't fat for nothing, I cook and I eat, drink wine and other good liquids and I dont exercise enough, but I do have fun!!!! Cheers!!!
We shall even make a care package for your hubby in the hospital... I certainly hope that all is good for him.... And that he is on the way to a complete recovery.... Merry Christmas to all of you.... and yes please do come, there is enough for a few extras (us French Canadians, many extras....) Dont be shy, we are not!!!! And we are not savages or even remotely dangerous...
Bacon (apple smoked) wrap filet's with a red wine sauce. Garlic MP's with the skins still on. The rest I has not been decided.

LTC - Please send me some of the foie gras and sausage. With a nice bottle of wine that's all I need. Oh what the heck go ahead and send the lamb ribs also.
Well......being as we and the daughter/ soon to be SIL just did the big move last weekend and myself and my youngest are trying to find bottom in our respective new homes. Our mantra this year is crock pot Christmas. Bring a dish to pass that can be made in a crock pot. Instead of a fancy pull out all the stops sit down dinner, we've opted for a grazing snack and tidbit menu.
Small crowd here... 5, maybe 6 for dinner. Ren Man wants a roast and a ham so I guess we'll do that. With all the trimmings. My niece and her son like to make desserts so we'll likely have a couple good ones.
Wishing you all a happy holidays!
Hope that everybody had a great Christmas Eve and Day.

Phillip, The ribs were fantastic and all was looking for more. As for the foie gras, no problems, it has been sent, the moose sausages, this was in very limited quantity, Sad some went into the stuffing and the rest... the cook chomped them down with a good glass of Amarone and that was a treat. Just wishing that I had more of this sausage... to share with all! I guess that I will need to be very nice with my friend that spoiled me by supplying this. And the guy that did these sausages, wow!!! Now more lamb ribs have been ordered today, they are small, but what a treat as an appetizer and it is a product to be discovered.
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