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Full Version: Hello one and all
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Salutations and greetings to everyone.
Very happy to be a member and looking forward to learning and exchanging with others.
Not much of a cook (yet) but I do ok in a pinch. Hopeful I can improve.
Necessity is the driving force, after the loss of my wife unexpectedly.
I ride a 2001 Honda VFR. Currently needing repairs, but firmly committed to do some touring this summer. By some I mean "a lot". Big Grin

Welcome to town and have a ball roaming the BnG!
Welcome to the B&G.... Sorry about your lost, hope you get to ride the whole lot you want to over the summer and let`s get cooking. Any questions, I will try my best.
Welcome Eurypides!
I'm sorry for you loss, but glad you found us!
I hope you find a few hints that you can use among the recipes posted here!
Welcome Eurypides! Glad to have you here amongst us.
Welcome Eurypides!! Nice to have you. Peruse the pages and hope you find something you like!
"When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him."

Welcome, Eurypides -

Welcome to the fray, Eurypides! Glad to have you aboard!
Welcome to The Grill - make yourself right at home.
Thank You everyone for the warm welcome!
Currently browsing the different subforums and getting familiar...
Hopeful I can submit something tasty soon... :-)
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