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Full Version: Brewhaha 2014
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Hey everyone.....I would love to host another Brewhaha Partay for everyone. I think it will be a nice relaxed atmosphere here and we could find lots of things to do here in the summer. Whatja think???

Comments...suggestions...concerns welcome.
Well, it was too cold to work on the bike today,(7f). Darned Polar Vortex. Angry
Got any good wineries nearby?
(03-01-2014 08:09 PM)Boomer Wrote: [ -> ]Got any good wineries nearby?

There are a few, but they are a few hours a way. However, downtown a has a nice number of breweries to visit along with quite a few other attractions Big Grin
Most of Michigan's wineries are on the west and northwest side of the state.
(03-01-2014 07:40 PM)smoker guy Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it was too cold to work on the bike today,(7f). Darned Polar Vortex. Angry

Woops...posted this in the wrong thread. D'OH!!!!
That sounds pretty awesome RN. Any dates you have in mind?
Thinking a weekend in July or August...whatever works best for the majority of people. I'll be working every 6th weekend but can switch weekends if need be. If anyone already has definite plans for the summer and a weekend is out let me know so I can narrow it down cuz I'm wide open right now.
I'm busy Aug, 17th for...
Ironman Quebec
Any other time I'll be there.
I'm on the road 'til the end of Aug, then it's right back to wherever my home may be and school at that point, so I'm out. You kids have fun!
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