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Full Version: Uneda Eat...Point Arena, CA
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I prefer my own cooking to roughly 90% of the dining establishments I've visited, and I try not to gush too much when I find an establishment that breaks into the 10%. But this guy has really, really, really got it goin' on in Point Arena. His balance is inventive and dead-on the money, all his charcuterie(including the bacon) is prepared on premise by his own hand, and he is a master of the braised green. In the past I've re-shuffled an entire ride just so I would be able to dine at Uneda.

Quinoa/chick pea fritters with sambal sauce and slaw.
[Image: food197_zpsd0f844a3.jpg]

Charcuterie plate...prosciutto, dry sausage, and pork pate with mustard sauce. All hand made on premise.
[Image: food196_zps11a54f56.jpg]

Asparagus/celery root saute with bacon, reggiano, and sous vide egg.
[Image: food194_zpsc5d2e026.jpg]

Dry rub lamb with polenta, blood orange, carmelized onion, and moroccan relish.
[Image: food193_zps5cc1e04b.jpg]

The BEST duck confit I've ever had with braised Kale and bacon.
[Image: food195_zps0a075a3b.jpg]

If you find yourself on the Mendocino Coast and want a real culinary treat at a non-pretentious venue with good service...this is your guy.
Looks very good and with your comments... What else can I say!!! And someone that does sous-vide eggs, this is perfection!!!
Just can't say enough about this Uneda guy. His dishes display a culinary balance one does not often find...

Naming a song or musical piece as my "favorite" would be silly and meaningless. What I want to hear/feel at a particular time/place is very much dependent on my mood. Similarly, naming a dish or dining establishment as my "favorite" would be equally silly and meaningless...but this guy comes about as close as one can come to shattering that trope.

Caesar salad...
[Image: food396_zpscdalwats.jpg]
[Image: food395_zpsezhguyrp.jpg]

Chick Pea/Maui Onion fritter...
[Image: food394_zpsyz74aafo.jpg]

Duck breast with lentil...
[Image: food402_zpsudhql4fa.jpg]

Goat Kebab with chick peas and cumin braised greens...
[Image: food393_zpshq1x4at5.jpg]

Hanger steak with pickled cabbage and polenta...
[Image: food401_zpshmijc06x.jpg]
Dude's still cranking out a whole gripload of awesome...

Lamb/chicory/lentil/fire roasted kabocha.
[Image: food602_zps9gt916hx.jpg]
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