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Full Version: Coq Au Vin...Philo/Navarro CA
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This is absolutely the best representation of classic French Continental cuisine I've seen since I was in Nice. In fact it was so good, I immediately made reservations for the following night after the first bite. Meals come with a very generous pour of well paired local wine and an endless supply of hot out of the oven crusty French(of course) bread. And the proprietress...what a dear, sweet lady! Even though the place was packed both nights, she still had a way of making you feel appreciated. Like it's all for you...

Filet Mignon with pepper cream sauce.
[Image: food200_zpsa05e6191.jpg]

Boeuf Bourguignon
[Image: food201_zps8c33b350.jpg]

Duck confit.
[Image: food203_zpse3b97e08.jpg]

I would have added pix of the excellent desserts, but they were destroyed before I could even get my phone out...
Is that last one lamb? Just curious here.
Duck leg/thigh...seasoned and allowed rest. Then slow roasted @ +/-200deg in duck fat for several hours then allowed to rest once again. Then popped in an oven @ 350deg or so to finish.Smile

Found myself on the Mendo coast once again.Big Grin Coq au Vin revisited...

That dear, sweet lady remembered me from 8mo ago, talk about making one feel special even though I know I'm not. I'm pleased to report this place is going strong with a dining room full of happy people! The quality of the meals and service are consistently outstanding! Monday night is "locals" night(a sharp operator always knows where his/her bread&butter comes from) and consists of soup or salad, choice of three succulent mains, never ending bowl of freshly baked french bread, and a HUGE pour of local wine...all for a discounted price of $23.00 USD.

Truly molten French Onion soup to start...
[Image: food313_zpsdd232fb0.jpg]

I went with the roast pork loin in cream sauce(cream/calvados/chanterelles). It was sooooooo tender that it had to be a sous vide loin that was finished in the oven...
[Image: food312_zps1745890f.jpg]

If you're into classic French cuisine, I simply cannot recommend Coq au Vin highly enough.Smile
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