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Full Version: Need So. Utah help/suggestions
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Mrs Sunset and I rarely get a chance to vacation together sans les chitlins, but a 6 day window of opportunity has presented itself in June and neither of us have been to southern Utah. Looking for suggestions on where to go(or not go), what to do(or not do), and where to stay(or not stay). We want to see as much as possible(big sky and geologic formations preferred), so we want to be on the move as opposed to setting up a base camp and radiating from there. I'd imagine our point of entry will be either St George, or Kanab.

Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Moab area, and any others are in play. I have to think hwy 12 and hwy 95 would offer good views on the fly?



We'll be caging the white porschetta, so no dirty landbargin' activities on this one.
Say WHUT? No dirty landbargin? What kinda nornsense is that? :-D

I've been plotting out sights to see on the Blue Deuce Harley for some time now. Extenuating circumstances n all, but the bottom line is theres like a TON of places. One of my favs is the National Arches. You Should also check out Bryce Canton. Zion is a good stop as well. Another good one is Capitol Reef thats a bit further north but not out of the realm of possibility. Also try Canyonlands on the way to Moab. Just about every route you take is probably going to have some really good scenic views. Southern Utah is one of those "CANT MISS" places.

And taking a white jalopy too? At least take the camo pick up truck!
The BEST cinnamon rolls ever can be found at a restaurant attached to a Best Western motel in Green River. I think it's called the Tamarisk. You can't miss it unless you blink! Don't know what route you'll be taking to and from but DO NOT take the 89 from St. George down thru AZ!!!!! The road is closed indefinitely due to numerous sink holes. The reroute is absolutely horrendous.
I may get flamed for this, but unless you want to get in a bunch of hiking, in my opinion Bryce is not worth spending the $25.00 to get in. There is only 1road in the southern part and it's not all that long. Yes it's beautiful but if you do go, don't leave out the East side. It would be better to turn around and go back West. Again, the whole St. Rt. 89 thing. On the other hand, Arches is simply awesome!
You two have fun! We sure did last summer thru there when we went to see Scooter Britches and some random Polka Trio! Big Grin
Besides Gunga's knowledge of that part of the world...Paging....Scooter Britches....Oh, Miss Scooter Britches.
She living in that wonderful area of hills and valleys would be a good person to extract travel ideas from.
Scooter is probably your best resource on Utah. She's probably been on every highway, road, back alley and goat trail in the state.
Miss S. Britches has been paged. Big Grin
Thanks guys, sure do appreciate it.


K...so clearly my google maps skills suck, as the link I tried to post of my rough draft contained all the waypoints but didn't include the cool purple route marker. Back to the ol' drawing board...
Are you up for hiking at all? Just day trippy stuff, out & backs mostly. That would have some impact on what to see. Too bad yer not landbargin...that'd be spectacular!

Arches, yes. Go out of your way to see the best arches - Landscape Arch (could fall any day) and Delicate Arch (hike out to it, don't see it from a distance). Canyonlands, yes (do the white rim trail if your car is 4x4 and capable). Bryce, yes. Zion, yes. If you can hike the narrows, do it! Also see about swinging down to Page, AZ and checking out Antelope Canyon. One of the mostest beautifulest places ever ever!!!
Grand Staircase/ Escalante Nat'l Mon., Capitol Reef.
Roads - 12, 24, 72, 95, 276, 89, 9.
Getcha a Butler Map of UT at yer local Beemer shop and go where it says. Smile
If you do a little geological homework before hand, you can more fully understand the incredible scenery you will see. It goes back farther than just about anywhere else except in the very bottom of the Grand Canyon, but the color striations are more fantastical here in UT. I am blown away every time I ride through SoUt, and I haven't really done any major exploring yet.
Moab is cool and all, but it's awfully touristy now. Maybe just swing through to say you did and check out Bubba's fave bookstore "Back of Beyond" (it really is a cool place).
I'd think more about basing out of Torrey, Boulder or Escalante - somewhere kinda in the middle.

That's just my 2c. Smile
* told ya Wink
Taking copious notes of my own. Thanks SB!!!
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