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Full Version: DUDE Ranch Anyone??
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My son, bless his 9 year-old heart, really, really wants to go on a cowboy adventure - complete with cattle, cooking over an open fire, chewing tobacco, the whole enchilada. Problem is, we are definitely NOT horse people, nor do we know anyone with several hundred head of steer on an open range.

HOWEVER, looking ahead to next summer and dreaming about our next Epic Huston Family Adventure, the idea of staying at a real, working Dude Ranch (in Wyoming perhaps?), is starting to sound somewhat appealing. There are several out there, apparently, that invite you to come for a night, a week, or a month, and do as much or as little of the actual "working" as your heart desires. Some are old-school working ranches that will feed you only if you work hard all the livelong day, and others are more "resorty" with spas and such, with cattle mostly there for aesthetics.

Has anyone actually DONE this, or know someone who has?? I'd love to hear a real report from a real person before I just take whatever advice I can find on the internet.

Thankya kindly pardners!!
Wish I could help, but I stay away from them there horse thingies. No throttle, no brakes...no thanks.

But g'luck, and I hope you and yorn find the right spot and have a great time.Smile
He's an amazing kid! I bet you'll have a ton of fun!

(I'd avoid the chewin' tabaccy though...ugh...)
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