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Full Version: Havana as a Hideout for Food and Rum
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This trip in Havana, the third in one year, was again an eye opener. Food and restaurants are getting better and better and the new restaurants are growing like mushrooms. The quality of these establishments keeps improving and the prices are still low for what you get. Again, the San Crtistobal in Central Havana wins my ''Best'' restaurant for Havana. Carlos the chef owner has outdone himself this time around. He made us special not on the menu dishes that could easily be on a Michelin rated table... In the 14 day period spent in Havana, we had meals there 5 times and everytime was great. For an average of about 75 CUC (75$ US) for 2. My major disapointment, again, La Guarida, overpriced terribly prepared food that could be very good, service cold and unprofessional. (well over 100CUCs for 2). Best new restaurant for me was the 5Esquinas Trattoria, an Italian restaurant that makes great pizzas in a wood fired oven and other delicious Italian style dishes, chefs trained in Italy and cheap at less than 30 CUCs for 2. There are many restaurants that I could recommend here, so if you do decide on a Havana trip, let me know and I shall be glad to provide you with a list. There are now many American tourist in Havana, either organized tours for such organizations as educational, environmental, humanitarian, religious and so on... Even before the Obama announcement in Dec. 2014 on Cuba, according to the State Dept's web site, there was in between 500,000 and 600,000 Americans visiting Cuba, both legal and not so(going by Canada or Mexico). I would say now these numbers have increased seriously. And when the gates open be ready to wait for lack of hotel rooms. This is already the race to the ''forbiden fruit''. If you are thinking of doing Havana, now is the time, this is a city like none other in the world that I have seen. Either by architecture and the conditions of such, they keep improving by renovating big times. No commercial advertizing signs, great phenomenal people, fantastic rum and cigars, a very safe place and so on...
(07-09-2015 09:18 PM)LiveToCook Wrote: [ -> ]Monsieur Sunshine, How are you doing my friend? Well I am still waiting for your rum commentaries and tasting notes...Big Grin Having just recently come back from Havana (yes, again), I have had the chance to indulge in 3 extremely rare and fine rums. I was so much ''stumped'' by what I was served that I did not take a photo of the bottles, even forgot to take down the names. These were served to me by my favorite restaurant's owner at the San Cristobal. Two of them were absolutely amazing made in extremely limited quantities and made exclusively for high ranking government officials (such as the Castros) and for them to give out to visitors such as presidents (Maybe Barrack Obama will get one). Like wow! What a treat and the 3rd is an Edmundo Dantes 15 years that is made for the ''Habana Festival'' at 3000 bottles a year and that you cant even buy in Cuba... Again a charmer of a drink, and the best is Carlos giving me a bottle on my last night out to his restaurant. Now if you are ever in Montréal, I can serve you something that is not accesible easily. This past weekend, my Buddy that is a serious scotch drinker - collector was out visiting for a couple of days and he was impressed about the rums that I brought back from Cuba. ''Me think that I will convert him to my new found blessed water''., So jump in and join us, it will be fun!!!
Mon ami!

Glad to see you home safe and happy. I'm very much looking forward to more "normalized" relations between the US and Cuba. Not only from a food and spirits point of view, but also from a personal commerce point of view as well. The more customers I have for my peaches the better!

Sadly, my rum commentary and tasting notes are limited to one producer at this time(though I fully plan on exploring the category further starting with the list you've providedBig Grin). A Venezuelan...Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de solera. I find it very light and friendly when compared to the intensity of most single malt whiskeys...kind of a pleasant break really. I got toasted marshmallow up front fading to a nice soft cotton candy flavor on the finish. Very nice indeed!

Looking forward to hearing more from you soon...
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