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Full Version: Jimtown store...Geyserville, CA
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I've been driving by this place for years. Normally, I'd have lunched @ The Greystone Culinary Institute(graduate school for CIA), but they have ceased serving lunch...BoOOOOooOOooOOOoo!!! So I thought I'd give this place a shot as I've heard quite a lot of good press re their brisket sammich.

-Cute space
-Inventive food combinations
-Extremely pleasant staff
-Homemade spicy bread and butter pickles are the BOMB!

-Horrendously crowded, particularly on weekends
-Pretty dang spendy for the portion size
-I should have gone with the brisketSad

Grilled eggplant sammich with gruyere and romesco...
[Image: food311_zps07113b73.jpg]

Good flavor...though the eggplant should have been cut thicker and I'd have tossed a bit of lemon basil on there too.
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