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Full Version: Ja, Das Ist Der Küchen, Mein Froinds
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Ok, it don't get no stinkin' umlaut, but umlauts make everything better, and metal rüles - so I put one in anyway, dammit.

Anyhow, a relative just stopped in and dropped off this dessert-ish, snack-ish stuff called kuchen, (pronounced "coo-hen" phonetically, only with lots of phlegm.) I've never tried to make the stuff myself, but although it's an absolute fat-bomb deluxe, it tastes freakin' phenomenal.

It's basically a thin, flaky pie-like crust that's more on the doughy than crispy side, topped with a whipped mix of butter, egg yolk, a little sugar, cinnamon, and maybe a splash of milk ('not sure, 'have to ask Mom,) and served seriously cold but not frozen. Anyone else had this stuff? I basically grew up on it, but hadn't had it for years and... here it is again! Awesome. Here's a mugshot:

[Image: Ka-ching.jpg]
My German husband begs to differ with you on this (respectfully, of course). His family pronounces it koo-ken. Theirs is like a very dense cheesecake. He said this is more the South American version. I say who cares! It's all yummy to me!
GW, I claim no expertise on Deutsch - I spent those classes staring at a bombshell classmate named Lynn, so I missed a lot. Up in Dakota the German descendants have always pronounced the second syllable with a raspy, phlegmy (ok, semi-phlegmy) "hh" sound.

I looked around on the 'Net and it appears there are dozens of varieties of this, most of them putting fruit toppings on it, where this is more of a bare-bones, Spartan "foundation-only" version. But this is the exact same way my Grandma used to make it, and she and my Grandpa came straight to the upper Midwest from the steppes of southern Russia (to escape Stalin, basically,) emigrating from a German community that had in turn emigrated to Russia from Germany in the late 19th century.

'Must be like donuts, or maybe beer - everybody's got their own version. All I know is it's a "Goldfish-Mode" hazard - I eat until it runs out or I explode, whichever comes first.
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