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Full Version: R40 Dallas May 18
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So, I saw the web post today. Eagerly I scan the list. , Dallas - woo! - May 18 No Kidding!!! -Oh happy coincidence, the 18th is my birthday, and a milestone one at that. something about black d├ęcor and over the hill signs... So, don't I need VIP tickets for a certain awesome anniversary show on this momentous occasion?!! even better if... yeah well, its worth dreaming about - Will any other BB&G folk be around? If I get to go it might be fun to high five you as we cross paths. - cheers all
So excited for this tour!!! Wish I could make that date, but I can't. Happy Birthday!!!

I must have been drinking heavily when I made the above post. I WILL be in Dallas, I think I was confused with the other TX date.

So......if I see you (I'll be the one wearing a Bubba's BNG t-shirt) I'll be sure to slap you a high-five!!!

Dippin into the wine again Sal?
Sal, I SO would love to run into some bubites next Monday. Ends up my hubby is off to Austin for some training and I'm all by my onesie for my birthday. Thinking a rouge ticket could be a renewed possibility. Just not sure if I want to go it alone. Decisions....
You won't be alone... there will be a few other people there that feel just the way you feel.
Do it.

It was a bust for me. Got told I was going on a business trip also, so I didn't get the ticket. All packed and... Last minute they changed their minds, and it was too late for me. it didn't totally suck though. I enjoyed some time late in the evening with my kids. Such was my big 50th blowout. Woo! One show in my life will have to do. Cheers! And here's to all that got to go, you lucky ducks.
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