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Full Version: Favorite local brewery and why
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Whilst cruising the beer aisle of my local Packy (short for Package Store when you're from New England), I happened upon a bottle of Navigation Brewery Double IPA. I was intrigued and, as I often do, scanned the bottle to find out where it is from. Score!! Lowell, MA, right around the corner from my hometown. I was doubly intrigued to learn I passed by it every day on my way home from work!! They also have "open to the customer" hours on Thursdays and Saturdays. I can usually find a changing group of people sampling beer and/or picking up a bottle or three.

Why I like them:

- Fantastic, fresh tasting beers
- All ingredients sourced from local farmers
- Small, local business trying to make it
- Genuinely nice people and very willing to educate
- Did I mention the beer's great?
I'm from Massachusetts also.
I'm in the same town as Jack's Abby, so I guess you'd say that's my local...
Up to a couple weeks ago I worked down the street from Trillium in Boston. Not bad problems to have.
Both of these are very highly rated breweries on most of the lists.
Milly's Tavern in Manchester, NH. First time there (for a book signing and sales of all things - it's the job!) and tried their John Stark. It's a Porter and delicious. Think Guinness, but not as 'heavy'. Still dark and creamy, but somehow lighter, allowing you do put several away should you wish. I, sadly, was working, but will go back.
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