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Full Version: Fish Gaucho...Paso Robles, CA
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It's been my experience that, when it comes to dining establishments, there is an inverse relationship between the kitsch and the quality of the meal/service. So when we walked in and saw a veritable plethora of this type of thing...my hopes were not high.
[Image: food447_zpsr2it9buh.jpg]
[Image: food446_zpsech413tl.jpg]

Fortunately, I can report that Fish Gaucho is an exception to the rule. The dishes were creative and well executed, the service was(if not spectacular) certainly good enough, and the Mezcal Mules were ice cold and well balanced.

Panza y concha(literally belly and shell)
[Image: food444_zps5kiydnk3.jpg]

Halibut/salmon ceviche...better than mine *@%$#*!!!Sad
[Image: food443_zpsxnlbjw44.jpg]

Grilled Halibut taco plate
[Image: food445_zpsmobvqzjo.jpg]

Not the BEST mariscos I've ever enjoyed(that would be in the small town of Loreto Baja Sur), but pretty dang good for this neck of the woods. I can say without reservation that I recommend the dining experience here, and I will return.
Halibut/salmon ceviche...better than mine *@%$#*!!!Sad

Hey, looks good and when you find something better than what you master pretty well, it does good to you... Get back in the old lab and start playing around with the formulas...Big Grin Always good to find a challenge!!!
Agreed! Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the pants. I think I just got mine...Big Grin
Hey Sunset... Does not mean that your's is bad, friend of mine that is a chef, and a pretty good one at that. Once told me that there was nothing wrong with my creation and that I should not change anything, this even with my idea of always improving. He again mentioned, make another one, but dont change or ''screw-up'' what is already good. Keep this in mind mon ami!!!
True, true....mine is pretty yummy.Big Grin
[Image: food175_zpsddb6176b.jpg]

There was just something about the balance of the Fish Gaucho ceviche, seemless like a good wine. Not disjointed in any way. Perhaps it was the addition of the fatty salmon...
Could be... Opens the doors right up, sounds very good and yours I presume, looks also great, ok, please, you can serve now... ''J'ai faim!!!'' (I am hungry).
...Big Grin
Drooling here..........badly.
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