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Full Version: Just joined from Northern Alberta
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I recently had the opportunity to see 'Bubba and the boys' in both Calgary (2nd row floor) and Vancouver (Front row centre). The experience from such a vantage point was incredible. Here's hopin' there are more shows to come!

Now, to explore 'vittles and hooch' in the forum
Welcome Morpheus!
Heyyyyy Morpheus! Always glad to see another "ice chucker" here on the BnG!
Welcome Morpheus and take a stroll thru the threads, but be sure to see RN for the required shots. It's not bad and you can have a treat in the bar afterwards.
Welcome...looking forward to hearing about your culinary/moto adventures.
Hey, Morpheous! Welcome to the asylum!
Greetings Morpheus!

Make sure you see RN-PRN for the choice of meds today.
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