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Full Version: Grilled romaine
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Ok, so this dish doesn't look like much. But lemmetellya, it's so perfectly balanced that it often outshines the main. The sweetness of the balsamic against the salt, the acidity of the 'maters against the feta(or bleu if you prefer), the wilted character of the tip against the al dente bite of the stalk end. And the permeating smokiness tying it all together. Utter perfection imo.

Brush with good evoo then salt/pepper(I've found it necessary to add a wee bit more salt than my seat-of-the-pants-salt-o-meter would normally dictate because it becomes diluted with the moisture of the romaine), a quick shot of normal balsamic, and whatever spices blow your hair back. In my case, summer savory.
[Image: food470_zpsxht14kcc.jpg]

Grill flat side down on high until stalk is just al dente. Flip and grill a minute or two until done. Plate...drizzle with normal balsamic...then drizzle with the fancy sweet balsamic...salt/pepper if you feel it needs it...then grape tomato and feta.
[Image: food469_zpsb9kzk0dw.jpg]
Looks very good mon ami!!!
Thank you!
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