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Full Version: Patti's 1880's Settlement - KY
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If you are ever in the northern area of western KY- nearby to Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, there's a small little river town called Grand Rivers. Patti's has been there for 35 years, their specialty is 2" thick charbroiled pork chops. Inside, the place is awesome, with every single corner decorated with beautiful flower and fruit arrangements and lights. Lots of antique things, too. Deserts are heaped so high you can't see over them when they bring them to your table. Usually from old family recipes and with amusing names such as boo boo pie, and sawdust pie. Things you will never see on an ordinary menu. They were voted the #1 restaurant for tourism by the state of KY, and Best small town restaurant in the south east US by Southern Living Magazine Readers choice award.
Loooves me some Patti's! This fine food establishment is not far from a lil' vacay place we have near the north end of Lake Barkley. The pork chops are TDF, as well as the classic Hot Brown. Good, homemade, simple comfort food. Aaaand the Chess Pie...?! Shut yo' mouf!
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