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Full Version: Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro, and Rumfish, Placencia
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Milady and I have just returned from three weeks in a place in Belize called Maya Beach. It's a thin strip of sand south of Belize City, just north of a town (a small drinking village with a fishing problem, according to locals) called Placencia.

We rented a house there (PM or email if you wish further details on that) and were an easy 8 minute walk to a place called The Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro.

We were fortunate to find that it's one of the best restaurants in the country and the food and service proved it.

My favourite items there - and I enjoyed more than a few things - were a breakfast thing called a fryjack; sweetened bread, deep-fried and then folded kind of like a taco. Their conch fritters were exquisite but the best thing of all was the seafood chowder.

The other place we thoroughly enjoyed was a small restaurant in the village of Placencia called Rumfish. To get to it you have to climb a somewhat exciting set of rickety stairs. We enjoyed a lunch there of conch fritters (they're a staple in Belize and are well worth trying) and the best fish tacos I have ever had. Milady was also introduced to a new (to us) drink there called a Caipirinha. It's not unlike a mojito but instead uses lime infusion rather than mint. They go down very easily. VERY easily.

So if you find yourself anywhere near Maya Beach or Placencia, do yourself a favour and try out these places. You will not be disappointed.
Looks very nice!
Nice to hear you had some time off with good food and good company!
Glad to hear your doing well OHR, and enjoying some much deserved rest and relaxation.
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