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Full Version: Friends Too Soon Gone
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A gentleman that I worked with at Learjet died Saturday.
He left the bed where he and his wife were watching a movie.
He went outside to smoke a cig - and did not come back.
His wife found him face down in the yard, unresponsive.

He leaves his wife... and very young twin boys.
He was one of the most straight-laced guys I knew.
Desperately nerdy.
Never griped or complained.
Kept it all inside.

He was 37.
It is no age. I am very sorry to read this Mufasa.
So terrible! Much too young!
I am sorry for your loss; I too lost a co-worker last month and so I feel for you.
So sorry for your loss Mufffy, thoughts and prayers for his wife and the little ones. Sad
The irony? Two days ago, another friend from my Learjet group had a heart attack. Luckily, he felt bad enough to have his wife take him to the ER, where it was discovered he had a 90% blockage.
One stint and a fist full of meds later, he was sent home after 48 hours. He attended the funeral for the above friend.
Glad I'm out of that damned place. It's killing people.
Make every day count, kids!
Melissa Pierson, a writer, Iron Butt rider, and acquaintance known by a few of us here, was deeply affected when John Ryan lost his life on the infamous FZR. I thought of her recently and touched base.

On Jul 27, 2016, at 5:58 PM, Michael Daniel wrote:

Hi Melissa -

I spotted one of your books today and thought of you. I know John's passing must have been terribly difficult for you, and I just wanted to say how sorry I am that he was taken. I hope you are well, and still writing.


Her response:

Thank you so much, Michael. I appreciate your writing. Yes, it was difficult to lose John. In some ways, unbelievable. But he left so many gifts behind, ones that enrich my life every day. I am still writing and riding. I can't seem to do anything else!
I hope you are well and happy, too.

All the best,
I am very sorry to hear about your friends Mufasa.
peace be with you and their families. Thanks for sharing Melissa's note.
Keep your face to the sun.
Thanks, bud. I waited quite a while before speaking with Melissa - knowing she was devastated by John's death. Brian, I'm sure you know this already, but you now hold something very rare.

I am sorry to hear of John Ryan's passing, Mufasa.
As a human, I very much understand this.
As a rider, I understand the additional layers of meaning and pain.

Here's to the gifts he left behind. May they eventually outweigh the pain of the loss.
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