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Full Version: Best r1200gs panniers/top box?
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I've been utilizing the rt for light med/light ohv for the last 7yrs. Ol' Marge has done a fine job of it too, but I just can't keep beating the daylights out of the poor thing. Moving to the gs platform soon, but the oem pannier/top box set up looks a little suspect.

Which set-up should I be looking at?Huh
I suggest speaking with Scooter Britches. She's currently somewhere in Iowa, headed east.
Somebody send that wildwoman a smoke signal or sumpin!

In other news, Jesse luggage is the front runner at the moment...
I can send her a smoke signal or two for you Sunset.
Thank you!Smile
Welp, it's pretty much academic at this point. Caught the local purveyor ready to make an end of the month deal.Smile

Good ol Marge is gonna get a well deserved overhaul at the spa, then light duty for the rest of her days.
What a machine! It ticks off so many boxes for me...so happy.Smile
Sweet! Good that someone is getting their boxes ticked off.

My boxes haven't been this ticked in a long while. I'll try to get some pix up later today.
Picked her up last Friday evening...with 800+mi(hey, had to do the yardwork on Sunday!) on the clock she went back in Tuesday for the run-in service.

Kaiser Pass high Sierra
[Image: dirty122.jpg]

Across the State into the Ventana Wilderness south of Big Sur
[Image: dirty123_zpssshyyra3.jpg]

Stopped for a Cliff bar and a handful of jerky at Moonstone Beach
[Image: dirty124_zps2rsntjd3.jpg]

What an utterly brilliant machine...
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