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Full Version: Smoker Guy and Girl crosses the pond
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The past couple of years, the Missus and I decided to do something special for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We started saving, and planning with NWoBHM, the perfect trip. In less than two months we are going over the pond to England, Wales, and Ireland. This has always been a dream of the Missus' and mine, and now it is coming true. There will be fine food, drink, and meeting a good mate to share them with. We are also hoping on renewing our vows at a very special church.
Me and Mrs NWo are stood to, awaiting the Smoker's to our corner of the World. It's really exciting that something Bubba started can lead to meeting Griller's in different countries because we share a common love of food, wine, ale, whisky and of course the band. I have a feeling Bubba and Brutus would have passed fairly close to here when they were last over.
We are meeting the Smoker's at our local 14th Century coaching inn, which brews its own beers on site from hops grown in the fields adjacent to it.
I am sure Smoker Guy and Girl and the NWo's will be posting some more tales and pics over the coming weeks.
Where in Ireland? If your Irish tour allows, may I suggest:
Man 'O War Pub
The Guinness Tour
Wicklow Mountains Tour
We'll be in Dublin on a Monday and Tuesday. We head back into England on Wednesday. We are going to Bruxelles, as it is a very important place for me to visit. Are the other places in walking distance?
Guinness is toward the rail station in Dublin. You can take the tram and be there in ten minutes. The Wicklow Mountains and Newgrange are day trips. Man 'O War Pub is a bit outside of Dublin, also.
Definitely do Guinness tour if you are a fan. It tastes far different in Dublin.
Pop into a Temple Bar to say you've done it, but ask around for a "real" Irish pub to visit. The main drag in Dublin is... tourists, of course, but still something to see.
Thanks for the info, Mufasa. Bruxelles is the pub that Phil Lunott and the boys hung out at and Philo's statue is right outside of the bar. We will do the Guiness tour, I think!
You guys are going to have a great time.

Haha. When I saw the reference to Bruxelles I did not twig. I was thinking I wonder why they are going to go to the head quarters of the EU? Glad I got straitened out on that.
The pub sounds perfect. I really hope you might bump into Mr BD while you are there!!
Now that would be something amazing...to bump into The Guvnor! After watching a show called "The Irish Pub", we're going to stop by Mulligan's Pub in Dublin. It's down the street from the townhouse we're booked in and the Guiness Brewery is also in walking distance of our townhouse...which is the Lombard, above the Lombard Pub. HAHA!!!
The man at the back, he makes your hands clap, your fingers snap and your feet tap. From Bublin, Eire, Ireland, the Emerald Isle, the one and only Mr Brian Downey.
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