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Who are you? Why are you here?

I'm Nettie, I love to cook. Desserts, especially decorated cakes, are my specialty. I've been working on cooking healthier lately though, more vegetables, fruits and all that, so the desserts have taken a back seat to more fresh, healthy food. I sing in the choir in church, and in front of the first graders that I teach. I love all sorts of music, especially Rush, of course!

So who are you?
I'm Morgan (yes, named after the car), been living on my own for nearly a decade and grew tired of macaroni and cheese. I've taken some cooking classes, specifically in Indian and Italian cuisine and learned a ton.

My favourite meal to both cook and eat has to be leg of lamb done on the bbq, seasoned with garlic, rosemary, thyme, mint (of course), cracked pepper and salt. Serve that up with a nice full-bodied red and it's as close to heaven as I'm ever going to get.

I ride a 1981 Honda CB650C that I purchased four years ago (bike & me are in my avatar) and just yesterday I turned over 77,000 kms.

And I used to play drums though a nagging shoulder injury means that I'm no longer able to play, much to the relief of my neighbours.
I am George and nice to meet everyone. I am currently deployed in the Middle East and have become a self taught cook. We are on a small base and have to fend for ourselves. So I have been checking the internet and the bar and grill for ideas for dinner.

Lunch is way to easy, MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). Some are great and others not so much. LOL.

I have been playing the drums for the past 30 years but have only sticks and a practice pad while here.
Hello all. My name's Shawn. Married to a great gal who's gone from burning mashed potatoes the first night we moved in together to making great meals in our 18+ years of being together. While she's the master chef at home, I'm able to cook a bit myself although more of a griller. Like Nettie, I've been into more of the healthy meals and eating for a while due to athletic activities.

Sadly, I can't carry a tune in voice nor instrument. I'm tone deaf and (thankfully) the wife has forbidden me from singing ever again as a result. Although, our son has been playing the drums for a few years and is in drumline.
Hi There,
My name is Lisa. I've been married to a potential drummer for almost 15 years and we have two kids (one is a teenager and our other will be a teen next year, so far, so good. Just have to get used to the increase in eye-rolls around here).

I am the chief cook here. I'm home with the kids all day so I have the time to cook. We've had a garden for the past few years and have been able to preserve or freeze a lot of what we've harvested. Currently (well, for the past 10 years) we've been vegetarians, so I've used meat substitutes in most of the recipes that call for meat.

I grew up with two kinds of cooking. My mother's was constantly experimental and there were some very interesting combinations. My grandmother was a southern cook, and her kitchen always smelled delicious. So if I'm cooking and my kitchen smells like Grandma's, then I know it'll turn out delicious!
I'm Jaime from Twin Falls, Idaho. I'm 30...something and am the primary cook for my family. I am married and have a 10 year old son with a (thankfully) broad culinary appreciation. We can go out to sushi and he's right next to my husband and I, slurping down mussels and eating salmon and octopus.

While I am a good cook (even if I do say so myself) I sometimes find myself really hating the chore, so I am always looking for ways to make cooking fun and exciting again! I also work 3-4 days a week, 12 hours a day. So quick, easy and delicious meals are a must around here since I usually do not have the time to cook anything too complicated! I hate making the same stuff over and over, so I am always on the look-out for fun and interesting new recipes!

We eat pretty healthy around our house. I try and get a lot of veggies and lean meats into our diet, as well as whole grains. But, I am not against making a great batch of beer-battered fish and onion rings!

On another note, I am a musician who plays bass and guitar. I also attempt to sing. I do not ride motorcycles (for all my dare-devil ways, they scare me! Don't know why!) but I do long-distance bicycling, and when the weather is too cold for that, I am in the gym lifting weights and such to stay in shape.
I'm Paul from Western Idaho. No relation to Rushchick. I used to eat what ever I saw, in what ever portions. Now, I have to eat playing card deck sizes of meat, and watch the salt intake.

I am interested in cooking things quick that 3 children, and the "CEO" of the family will eat. Not just the "tater tot" casserole made for the biggest of families.

My interests include Model Railroading, Amateur "ham" radio, fishing, watching meteors/ space junk/ UFO's burn up in the atmosphere (I work at my office during the middle of the night).

I call myself a college educated "lazy truck driver"-because that's what I am. I went to BSU (smurf turf), graduating from there. I stayed with the employer that supported me though school moving up to the ranks of "lazy truck driver" (as those who do most of the work at my employer call me).

Finally, in this group meeting, I need to apologize for not consolidating my posts under the thread "greasy spoon". I am embarrassed, and I do deserve a reprimand.
No worries about those posts Paul. We're all learning our way here. I hope everyone will have patience with me too as I climb the curve.
(05-01-2010 11:42 AM)nettiesaur Wrote: [ -> ]Who are you? Why are you here?

I'm Doc. My missus and I have taken a liking to Southwest Indian (the sub-continent, not the area of America) food. Tried Chicken Vindaloo from scratch, twice; now we understand why it's expensive and not on the lunch buffet.

We, in fact, have become rather fearless when cooking. And I being lactose-allergic and she being allergic-like to red meat (like exercise-induced anaphylaxis), we have tried many, many things with chicken and seafood.

Oh, I also play drums (of course; this *is* a Neil Peart site.)
Terri here, Washington DC area. I can cook, but I rarely do so unless it's a special occasion involving guests. I have been known to cook just about anything, in any cuisine, although I avoid deep frying - a combination it being not so healthy, and "Great Scott! How do I get the spatters of off the ceiling!?"

Other interests include physics (my trade), fiber arts, music (flute...um, many years), kiteboarding, backpacking, and dancing (Lindy Hop & Blues).

No motorcycles, but a 19 yr. old 4x4 (The Brick) with 256,000 miles on it...trying to get to 300!
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