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Full Version: Industrial Eats...Buellton, CA
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I've had my eye on this one for a while now. Yesterday all the planets aligned during a ride from Jalama to Pismo, and I pulled in for lunch. As I perused the day's offerings(scribbled on butcher paper and changing daily), it became clear I was in the throes of a dilemma i haven't experienced for some time: there were no less than a dozen items that sounded amaaaaaaaazing. Sadly, a choice had to be made.

Red veal tartare with tonnato(not tomato), capers, and pine nuts on toast. Oyster/uni/caviar. Klinkerbrick Zin...
[Image: IMG_4002_zpsxpisudfu.jpg]
Oh, my! The only place I've ever eaten in Buellton was Split Pea Andersons and the food never looked like THAT! Big Grin
Currently running hypothetical scenarios that would place me within striking distance as soon as humanly possible...Big Grin
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