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Full Version: La Posada...Winslow, AZ
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Prickly pear Margarita/carnitas
[Image: IMG_3978_zpslz6qyasl.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3980_zpspnizrbup.jpg]

Food was meh. Margi was decent. Tina Mion's art is fantastic!

I couldn't view the pics, but we really like La Posada. The food is *usually* quite good, especially breakfast. Try the Corn Maiden! Dinner is hit and miss. And yes, Tina's art is a trip. Very different, but very cool. They want to put some of my products in their gift shop. I MUST get over there to take care of that. So what did you have to eat that was meh?[
I've heard photobucket is kicking our a**es out. Clearly, it's true. Not good for me or the site because no more pix from me unless I find a viable alternative.Sad

Not sure what to do from here. Photos=everything.

Just imo, but lunch was very meh(the carnitas plate shown). I know a nice old lady who serves waaaaay better out of the trunk of her ford Torino.
Tina Mion's art on the other hand...wow!!!
I was a little distracted last night and gave you a weak answer. Apologies...

I had the carnitas(a bit dry)which was served with black beans(a bit bland), corn dumplings(too sweet), a red sauce(a bit bland), a green sauce(excellent), and a couple corn tortillas. It's not that there was anything particularly wrong with the dish. Rather I think it was an unmet expectations type of thing which is, of course, on me.

- My geography makes me extremely familiar with authentic Mexican fare, and this dish had a more southwestern angle to it.
- I was told how amazing the food was and how the exec chef was a celebrated award winner. I just wasn't feeling it.
- We were in LV the night before this lunch and had dined at Guy Savoy. After that, the bar was(and still is) stratospherically high.
Yes, on the "dry" part, Sunset. Much of their food would be very good if it weren't dry.
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