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Hubby and I recently celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We decided to go to Salt. When it 1st opened, it was strictly a wine bar with a few munchie plates. It has become as close as one can get to fine dining in our little burg. I use "fine dining" loosely. It's small, the tables are too close to one another, and it still has the wine bar. Sorry, no pics of dinner, but....
Hubby ordered a bottle of Moet. Our server came back and said they had 1 bottle next door, but it was warm. OK. Hubby told me to pick something out. I was secretly glad they had no champagne, so I picked a red blend called The Provisioner Red. It was a young wine from AZ. A blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, and a few other goodies. It would have benefited from being decanted, but was it delicious! Not harsh, but very smooth and flavorful.
We both ordered a filet with truffle risotto and shared some grilled Brussels sprouts. The filet was insanely tender and cooked just right. The risotto was slightly undercooked and over salted. The sprouts were so so. Some of the other entrees were scallops, chicken, risotto on its own, salmon, lamb, clams, and chicken and waffles(?). They had a few salads as extras, along with mussels, bruschetta, and a brie board.
We had creme brulee for desert that was supposed to come with raspberries. Apparently, the raspberries were all dropped on the floor, so they brought a small dish of blueberry compote.
Overall, it was OK. The filet and wine were the best. We might go back sometime. The wine is supposed to be found all over AZ for under $10. We've been looking, but haven't found it yet.
22yrs. Bravo! We share a commonality in that regard.Smile

I really like the way you described the meal. I think I'll follow your lead.
Thanks, Sunset. Now if I could only remember to take pictures before devouring.... Big Grin
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