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Full Version: A grand new adventure
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Lately Mrs. Smoker and I have been in discussion about our life. We are looking to make a long journey in three years. We are going to New Zealand on a vacation that if everything goes as planned will most likely become our permanent residence. It will be our grand adventure. We would leave sooner on this journey, but we have two older dogs that can't make the trip, and we can't just put them down for our own whim. During this time we will fix our house up some, and start to get rid of our accumulated junk. It's amazing all the things we have gained over the years, it's a big job ahead of us. I never thought I, or we, would ever do something like this. Let the fun begin!!!!

A guy I raced against back in the early 2000's traveled to the Bay of Plenty as part of a surfing vacation and liked the area so much he wound up buying a home just outside Rotorua. His new home was on 7acres and the whole seaward side of the home was constructed with sliding panels/windows to form a completely open air space which, beyond the super nifty breeze action, accentuated a million dollar ocean view.

Haven't heard from him since lol!
Wow! Best of luck to you and the Missus! An adventure, indeed!
As Gunga said, Wow! what an adventure to undertake. Not only are you two doing a total house move( been there, done that ), but then you are going across the ocean to make this happen. Best wishes as you two begin to ready yourselves for this change.
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