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Full Version: Mexican Cheeses
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Man! It is like a tomb in here lately! LOL!

I am a big fan of cheeses. All kinds. I am no expert but I feel that I have a reasonably good understanding of the basic cheeses of the world. But, I find it difficult to get a handle on the various Mexican cheeses. Which is odd because I live in Tucson and I love the various melty-cheese appetizers at the local restaurants (both Sonoran-style and Mexico City-style)

There are 5 to 8 different Mexican cheeses on my store shelf. I am slowly working my way thorough them but it is hard to keep track of which ones melt well and which ones are the dry-style cheeses that hardly melt at all.

Anyone have a handle on what names are what styles? Special bonus points for their best uses...

Thanks in advance!
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