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Full Version: Tabasco style hot sauce
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-233g cayenne and 2 bhut jolokia peppers of death
-macerated with 4.7g kosher salt to kill the bad guys while not hurting the good guys
-1/4C water and 2T of my gnarliest kimchi fluid
-10 day ferment then added lightly toasted American oak
-now we wait in a cool dark place for at least 3mo before finishing the sauce
(To be continued)

[Image: IMG_4514.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4593.jpg]

If a mod would kindly correct my misspelling of "Tabasco" in the title I'd surely appreciate it.
Wink done, Sir.
Muchas gracias, Se├▒ora.
de nada, puesta de sol.
I just visited the opening thread Murder On the C.... After a long hiatus, my last visit was a year and a half ago. First thing I see in recent threads is this. I would gladly sample some of that fire-brew Sunset, looks like you're up to your same old tricks! Nice work!
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