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Full Version: Making a Road Trip to Yosemite ?
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Our local favs are DeAngelo's (Merced), featuring Italian cuisine & 'bestest' ocean picks from nearby SF. Casual dining. Their signature Crab Ravioli are pretty spectacular. These two diners rarely deviate from their 'usuals' of seared-rare filet mignon with crab ravs & lobster-stuffed salmon.

Up the road a bit, Oakhurst Calif, lies Erna's Elderberry House. Beautiful grounds (eating indoors or out), Old World style, service and decor. A bit pricey, but you will not be disappointed. Optional wine pairings with each course, highly recommended by this nurse. Not exactly casual dining, but a wonderful dining experience!

I don't think I'm smart enough to post a link, but here's the website:
http://www.elderberryhouse.com (let's see if it works)!
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