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Full Version: Weird Food Combinations
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This may sound really childish, but I LOVE to dip my french fries into a vanilla milkshake, just like ketchup, and gobble them down like I'm "goin' to the chair." (Fun Fact: Florida's electric chair was nicknamed "Ole Sparky") Huh Just realized ... that fact isn't really "fun."
I used to do that when I'd go to Wendy's when I was younger- French fries + Frostie = heaven! I don't go there much anymore but. . . as for "weird" food combinations? I like to dip my grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup and I put peanut butter in my oatmeal. Just today, my friend told me he puts mayonnaise in his (already cooked) eggs. I've yet to try it, but I'm curious. . . Smile
How 'bout dipping corn chips in cottage cheese? Yum!
Cream cheese slathered on day-old pizza. Don't ask me how I figured out that one.....Rolleyes

(PS: ditto w/fries in yer Frostie....)
Plain Greek yogurt and a jar of regular tomato sauce make a lovely, tangy cream sauce, too Smile
LOVE chips & cottage cheese! How 'bout chips & Peanut Butter sandwich?? Or ranch dressing on fries?

Which reminds me of my most recent road- trip from NY to Michigan via Canada. I stopped at a BK Lounge where I was asked whether I wanted to "Poutine" my fries? Uh...excuse me? I literally had to ask the cashier to repeat herself 2 or 3 times before she finally (losing her patience w/me) pointed to a photo of fries smothered in gravy & cheese! Sorry Canadians, I'm a big fan of Rush, Labatt's Blue, Toronto, & hockey, but I'm gonna pass on the Poutine'd fries!!
My son will eat ketchup on just about anything.
Horseradish sauce is great on fries, too.
Mustard on scrambled eggs - its a navy thing dont ask!

Along the Columbia River in Oregon there is a little diner in St Helens that has some dynamite biscuits n gravy. With a twist. Apparently the loggers in the area are Tabasco addicts, and drown their plates of biscuits n gravy with Tabasco sauce. Try it sometime. Good eats.
My brother has to put ketchup on his grits.
Boomer you are completely correct sir! It is Delicious! If you want to really step it up, grab some Blairs After Death hot sauce and dribble it ever so carefully( a little goes a long way) over top! yummy!
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